March Birding Notes

Sheila’s Birding Notes for March

Increased mating activities cause the swamp to echo with the sounds of red-shouldered hawks and wild turkeys.  Purple martins have gathered at their homes just ouside the swamp.   Great blue herons are at the nest.  By mid-month the greater sandhill cranes have all departed, leaving the resident Florida subspecies behind to continue dancing for their partners.  Some of the “Summer birds” such as Northern parulas & Eastern kingbirds begin to trickle in, while “Winter birds” such as Eastern phoebes and mallards begin to depart.  Bald eagles are encountered more commonly as they pass by enroute to other areas.

*Sheila Willis is a Native American Naturalist who grew up around the Okefenokee Swamp and is currently writing a Birding Guide to the Greater Okefenokee Area.    Sheila was kind enough to share her Birding Calendar with us.

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