Birding Notes for April

Sheila’s Birding Notes for April

Overall the best month for Okefenokee birding due to migrations, courtship activities, & hatchings. Traveling warblers such as American redstart, Cape May , and black-throated blue briefly stop over. Potted sandpipers & barn swallows are common species for the next few weeks. Swallow-tailed kites soar in the skies, cattle egrets walk the roadsides, & prothonotary warblers fill the swamp forests. Calls of Chuck-will’s-widows, great crested flycatchers, and all the woodpeckers are repeated in attempts to establish territories and attract mates. Red-winged blackbird males assert their dominance, and Northern bobwhites say their names. Bachman’s sparrows are most likely to be heard & even seen during this period. Wading birds begin nesting in colonies. Sandhill crane, wood duck, wildtrukey, red-shouldered hawk, Carolina wren, & Eastern bluebird produce their first young.


*Sheila Willis is a Native American Naturalist who grew up around the Okefenokee Swamp and is currently writing a Birding Guide to the Greater Okefenokee Area. Sheila was kind enough to share her Birding Calendar with us.

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