Bug & Heat Report for Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer

Fall and Winter season at Okefenokee is mostly super beautiful. Bugs are not bad but a few blood sucking fiends are sometimes around in certain spots and at certain times. Spring is usually pretty bug free until mid May and then the bug season gets cranked up until October when the bug factor starts to fade away.


The heat and bug comfort factor average is around a on a scale of 1 to 10.

Comfort scale explained

#1 = is the most comfortable — ranging up to –   #10 = is the least comfortable.

HEAT = 3

BUGS = 5

THE HEAT, BUG & COMFORT REPORT for Spring – Summer

The heat and bug comfort factor average is around a on a scale of 1 to 10.

HEAT = 7

BUGS = 5

During the summer and through early fall, numbers can get up there. As winter arrives numbers ease on down.

Please keep in mind that cold weather comfort or discomfort is not really factored into this information. The report is oriented mostly to day use activities in and around the East side or the Headquarters Entrance of the Okefenokee including some nearby recreational areas close to or part of Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

The USFWS’s overnight wilderness paddle trail system of camping platforms that crisscross the swamp may have some higher or lower values at certain spots but should generally average out fairly close. Real time day to day variations in climate and temperature always influence the seasonal conditions described.

Most of the time around Okefenokee the seriously blood thirsty bugs seem worse at the water’s edge or in the dry brushy upland areas, rather than actually out on the water. The exception on the water is around twilight and the early evening times and possibly sometimes at special areas in the early mornings.

Be advised that a moving target (like a boat going through the water) seems to get hit less frequently than a stationary one.

The comfort scale is put together by personal non professional observations, experiences and estimations and actually has no scientific authority or status. Our scale is intended for use only as a very general guideline and informational tool not as solid scientific fact.  Please be aware that cold weather and some other weather conditions may not be factored into the comfort equations.

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