Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer special info


In Fall cypress trees, the ancient deciduous conifers of the swamp have begin their colorful seasonal transition to baldness. Check out the yellows and oranges in the black mirror reflections of Okefenokee black water. The pretty fall colors of New England have nothing on the double reflections and awesome beauty along Okefenokee’s black water mirrored waterways.

Winter migrating feathered swamp dwellers will start to show up in November & December and the local swamp reptile residents are acting very cool and collected. Lots of trumpeting cranes and movement in the eastern prairies. A beautiful time to be at Okefenokee.  A Winter briskness gets in the air and everything here the birds, reptiles, mammals and plants are all caught up in it.

Spring is the most popular time at Okefenokee and the most crowded with people. It is after all, the start of the Alligator mating season and the swamp is ablaze with colors from the blooming spring plants.

Summer can be the most spectacular time of year for reptile viewing and many other types of wildlife here. Comfort wise it can be the most challenging for many people, especially those used to a cool climate. When in Rome do as the Romans do. So think about appreciating the Okefenokee like a resident would. Take it easy, slow your trip down, kick back listen to our well founded advice and avoid or take reasonable care during the hottest times of the day.

Because of some bad fire related publicity put out there along with an incorrect negative public perception of Okefenokee fires in general, it has not been that busy. Enjoy having a big ole gorgeous swamp almost to yourself. It has been extra nice for some lucky folks and especially the ones who book a cabin and/or one of our tours.

The fire is actually a healthy normal thing. It is beneficial and a constant occurrence for the Okefenokee Swamp. This most recent big fire will improve aquatic and upland habitats and the overall long term health of the Okefenokee ecosystem. It is just hard to see benefits sometimes when a fire impacts public safety, use, aesthetics and tourism. Everyone should look for the silver lining in this cloud and realize it has a long term positive influence.

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