Basic Cabin

Basic Cabin’s have electric, lights, heat & a/c, dorm size fridge and microwave with a double bed and a single bed, small desk, screened porch for sitting. THEY DO NOT HAVE A BATHROOM, YOU HAVE TO USE THE BATHHOUSE IN THE MAIN BUILDING (all our reviews say it is by far the nicest bathhouse in the area). Cabin is located in cabin circle and is approximately a 250′ walk to the Main Bathouse. Cabins have a concrete patio with built in fire pit and picnic table, parking in front of cabin’s and nice shade trees. Basic Cabins are a favorite with overnight campers heading into the swamp for overnight trips, you do not have to unpack your gear so it saves time in the AM, helping to promote a early start. They are also are great for those who are traveling and don’t need all the amenities of the Deluxe or Premier cabins.

Pet Policy   Cats are not allowed in any cabin, Dogs are allowed in Basic cabins however there will be a $25.00 charge per day per dog for cleaning (multi night fee may be refunded of up to 50% if excessive cleaning/deodorizing is not needed). Pet fee does not include damage caused by pet, any damage caused will be immediately billed to CC on file for repairs. The Okefenokee NWR does not allow pets (dogs or cats etc) on the water at all and they do strictly enforce that rule. You can reserve a run in our onsite kennel for additional charge or your dog may stay in the cabin unattended if in a crate and does not bark excessively, Dogs are not allowed in the beds, if you must sleep with your pet please do not bring him/her here.