RV’s & Camping

Spacious treed pull through full hook-up RV sites
A Separated and more natural Tent Camping area
Nicest, Cleanest bathrooms by far  found anywhere in the area.
RV Prices: 1-2 person

We offer all Pull through’s with either 50/30/20 amp water & sewer or 30/20 amp water & sewer. We ask that all RV’ers and Tenters arrive before dark as we are a dark park (see light pollution advisary) No awning, docking or party lights are allowed, entry(step) lights can be used, fires are ok. See reservation page for pricing

Camping at Pastimes

Tent Camp Prices: We offer 4 Large Tent Camping areas, 1 drive up camping site and a Group site a short distance to the central outdoor campers sink and the main bathrooms. Sites are secluded using natural buffers to give you a private tenting experience, you park your car and walk a short distance to a nice level well drained area surrounded by saw palmetto’s, long leaf pine and natural bushes. There is a picnic table and fire pit. There is no electric provided on these tent site’s. Site’s receive free high speed Internet (WI-FI). We have 1 Drive up non secluded tent site Palmetto, great for motorcycles & bicycle’s. Magnolia combination Tent/camper site has water, sewer & electric and can accommodate a pop up or a tear drop camper or a tent. We also offer 1 Large Group Tent site that can accommodate 40+, call the office for pricing.


Camping – some Special Details, Info and Thoughts

We have a cozy mellow natural atmosphere here. We offer our guests / campers a great place to kickback, relax and easily access local nature and attractions.

Okefenokee Pastimes does not have a pool. We do have free Internet (Wi-Fi) available at every site, some short nature walking trails and a small pond with a variety of fish for feeding and watching enjoyment, we do have games (connect 4, horse shoes, badminton, croquet, rings, corn hole). We have nicely appointed  meeting/entertainment room equipped with a microwave, tables & chairs, board & card games, dvd/vcr combo, wide screen tv with Dish Satellitea book nook/book exchange, video room with over 500 dvd’s & vcr tapes that can be watched in the entertainment room, or can be brought to your rv as long as they signed out and are returned.

Okefenokee Pastimes is situated at the Okefenokee’s East Entrance (the U.S. government headquarters and main entrance for the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge). You cannot get any more convenient to the swamp.

Camping Amenities
RV sites; 17– 50/30/20 amp electric/Water & Sewer  all good for the largest rv’s- 3 – 30/20 amp electric/Water and Sewer- 1  -30/20 amp electric with water – a campground RV dump station. All sites are large and easy to pull-through sites with shade trees, picnic tables and built in fire pits.  All receive free high speed Internet (WI-FI). We do reserve the right to change site selection based on need because of size restrictions, we try to avoid this and keep you on the site you picked but some times it is unavoidable.

Main Drive

Large Tent Camping area with shade trees, picnic tables, and an outdoor campers sink. The tent and car camping area is in a separate, farther back, more isolated natural section next to our Nature Trails and Wildlife Habitat. There is no electric provided in this area. All tent sites receive free Internet (WI-FI).

The tent area has undergone make overs, you now park your car, walk approx 25′ to 50′ into a new private out of view tent area, this has been accomplished by using the saw palmetto’s and native bushes to create a buffer, each site has a picnic table and built in fire pit in the tent area. These areas give you the feel of not being in a campground and make it much more like a wilderness site but within close distance to your vehicle as well as campers sink and bath house. Please see the pictures for the view.

Group Camping area can accommodate up to 45 individuals, support equipment and vehicles, this area is available by advance registration through the office during business hours, so please stop by or call 1-912-496-4472 to schedule your group event.

[campfires and charcoal grilling are conditionally permitted – depending on conditions]

Our complete bathhouse is well kept and very clean, nicely furnished, air-conditioned and/or heated with nice, hot showers & private dressing stalls. For  all our cabin and tenting guests or rv’s without bathrooms (RV’s on full hookup sites are expected to use their own bath facilities, if there is an issue please ask and we will be happy to accommodate you if it does not cause other guests an inconvenience or delay their needed use of the facility). We have by far the nicest, cleanest, well kept bathrooms available to campers found in the whole area.

Okefenokee Pastimes reservations are through our online reservation system or by phone via the campground office, it is recommended that if you can not do an online reservation that you call for availability to see if we have something available. Camping Reservation Deposits are Non-Refundable.

Business Information and Hours

Check-out is 11 am.

Check in time is 1pm to closing for RV’s and Tenters (see office hours for closing time). Check ins for Tents or Rv’s is discouraged after Dark, as this is a dark park for stargazers.

More price details & info

RV Full Hook-Ups or Electric, Water & Sewer – all pull-through site rates are for 2 adults, 2 children (0-15) per RV, with the RV plus 1 tow vehicle parked per site. Rates include use of  dump station.
each extra person is $5 each

An extra vehicle parked on site (more than the 2) is $5 each

An additional charge for electricity might be added during extra hot or cold times or when electrical consumption is expected to be more than normal average use.

Weekly discount rate is – pay in full for six days at check in and get the seventh day free. Or appropriate discounts with valid memberships (see discounts on booking page) only 1 discount per stay can be used.

We do offer Monthly rates, please inquire via the campground office. Monthly rates do not qualify for any other discounts as they are already discounted.

Tent & Primitive site rates are for 2 adults, 2 children (0-15) in a tent or small vehicle with no hook-ups on site. Rates includes use of the bathhouse.

See Reservation page for pricing

Check-out is 11am. (exceptions can be made if availabilty is not needed, check with office @ check in)

Weekly discount rate is – pay in full for six days at check in and get the seventh day free.

Sorry No refunds on camping for no shows or cancellations.

Visitors to registered camping guests are free for up to 4 hours and must leave before quiet time (includes bathroom use), showers are for gusts only should a visitor require use of the shower facilities a $5 charge will apply. If visitors stay beyond quiet time or over night a extra person charge will be applied. You need to let us know at check in that you will be having a visitor all Visitors MUST REPORT to the Office before entering the campground.

Camping Late Arrival Info

 Campground allows arrivals during office hours, No check in’s will be permitted to enter the campground after OFFICE HOURS (there is no exception to this rule for any reason, for safety and comfort of other guests) please plan your trip accordingly to arrive during office hours.

Pet Policy
Pets are allowed (at this time, but the policy is being reconsidered due to the large number of individuals who do not obey the rules and their pets are out of control. A few will spoil it for the many).
Only 1 pet per RV or Tent site, Pets need to be under control and must not be prone to barking. Pets cannot be left outside, staked  or on a leash unsupervised at any time. Pet’s must be attended on leash or fenced in at all times when outside and of course always picked up after. A vaccination record must be shown at check in. Excessive out of control barking or vicious dog’s will not be tolerated and you will be asked to immediately remove them from the campground. Any damage caused by your pet will be immediately billed to your CC on file for repairs.

Pets are to be walked only on internal roads and are not to be allowed to relieve themselves on any site, front lawn or common areas. We have an exercise area where your pets can use the bathroom and you can pick up their waste and place it in the receptacle. You must provide your own waste bags for Your Pet and you must Clean Up after them. Pets are not allowed in the main building, laundromat or bathhouse or in the starfield for any reason.

Be mindful of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge’s policy of – no pets are allowed on the water, boardwalk or in a boat at all and they must be on a leash in the areas where they are permitted. Okefenokee NWR “Law Enforcement” is very serious about this. We have a day use air conditioned dog kennel that is available for a fee.

Group Camping

Group camping is welcome here, However we will NOT tolerate chaotic, unorganized, undisciplined groups, that do not adhere to the rules or infringe upon other guests privacy peace and right’s to the park. Groups can be a pleasure to host or occasionally they can be a nightmare ordeal. We cannot afford to tolerate chaotic, clueless, unorganized, undisciplined, groups so be fair warned. Any group must have one individual in charge, that individual must be present at check in and must be able to oversee their group and control them at all times, this is the only individual we expect to have to deal with. When a group is allowed in the campground they must be mindful that unless they have booked the entire campground there are other guests present and must be respectful of all common area use, be courteous to others and keep in mind that you have only rented the sites you are on, use of other sites, impeding travel areas, loud partying, light disruption and unruly inconsiderate behavior or entitlement issues will not be tolerated. Should these occur you will be given 1 warning and with any other subsequent infringements the part of the group responsible or the entire group will be asked to leave the campground. We do not expect to have to babysit anyone, we are providing a nice relaxed atmosphere for all to enjoy, if you require use of other areas of the campground just ask and if it does not affect others stays we will be glad to accommodate you.

We offer a wonderful place for groups to camp and stage excursions into the Swamp or the St Mary’s River, Cumberland Seashore and Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

Group Camping discounts are only available on a case by case situation. We don’t have enough people power labor force on hand to offer standing discounts for groups. If you want a group camping rate you must qualify as the following.

#1. Be 10 or more people with a organized leader in charge.

#2 We deal with a single person in charge and prearranged to take care of the money exchange or any other issues that may arise.

#3 It’s all done by advance reservation and not via our online registration system and will require 50% deposit fee.

#4 Groups may not qualify for any daily discount programs IE; Good Sam, Passport America, Escapees (this will be addressed based on size of group, time of year, etc.)

We offer a wonderful place for groups to camp and stage excursions into the Swamp or the St Mary’s River. Groups staying here are expected to respect other guests and their right to enjoy peace, quiet, privacy and function especially pertaining to commonly used areas and facilities.

Group Camping discounts are available on a case by case situation.  If you want a group camping rate you must qualify as the following.

Phone or e-mail with complete details of your circumstance for a price quote if you can qualify as above listed.

As with all camping reservations there is no refund of the deposit.

Campfires & Charcoal Grilling and other pertinent Info

 (At times fires are not permitted period and are subject to changes with conditional factors and dangers).

We sell firewood for $8 a bundle.

Charcoal grill rental = $7, charcoal is available in the store for extra $ or bring your own.

Having a Fire/charcoal grill Please be aware that you are accepting the responsibility and liability for any and all damages caused by fire use here. All persons wishing to have a fire must be equipped to deal with starting and maintaining a camp fire/ grill in a safe manner.