The Botany of Okefenokee

Please do not discount or ignore a fascinating array of plants, flowers, trees and other unusual vegetation that exist in and around the Okefenokee. The Okefenokee is loaded with captivating numerous carnivorous plants. It’s chock full of abundant spectacular flowering aquatic species and dominated by majestic towering conifers (Cypress with their knees) that show off some unbelievable fall color and surreal swamp decorum.

Botany here at Okefenokee is nothing to dismiss lightly. It all changes somewhat rapidly during each season. Spring has the most intense plant changes here, then Summer, Fall and Winter. So, unless you consider the natural botanical world boring (and what a sad outlook that could be – our sympathies), it should never be a bad time to visit Okefenokee Swamp.

Each individual season has some very stellar show-offs, with distinctive colors, fragrance, flavors and visual showmanship to present.  Seasonal comfort levels for human beings does vary here at Okefenokee, sometimes much more than for plants.