Okefenokee area Map

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If you are driving here we suggest you also have a good accurate map with you to augment the one above. We are including GPS coordinates at the bottom of the page for Okefenokee Pastimes, but be warned. We have known hundreds if not thousands of people to be lost or seriously delayed by relying solely on their GPS systems to get here.

Key info for smaller map above {the ONWR & area}:

The above map is accurate and should be easy to use but it is not to scale.

The Interstate Highways (all are at least 4 lanes) are shown with a narrow shield {I-75 & I-10 & I-95 & I-295}

The U.S. Highways (most are 4 lanes but some are 2 lane) are shown with a wider fatter shield {US-1, 441, 82, 301 & 84} note a mistake – the 2 lane section of US-17 shown is with a circle.

The State and local highways (mostly 2 lanes) are shown with a circle {FL or GA hwy – 121, 4o, 252, 115, 94 & 177}

Towns and cities are black dots and the airport is a square.

GPS coordinates = N 30* 44.425’ – W 082* 04.250’

“Happy Trails to You” – Okefenokee Pastimes