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Camping Rules & Etiquette

Camping Late Arrival Info

All RV"s and TENTERS ARE EXPECTED TO ARRIVE BEFORE DARK as WE ARE A DARK PARK. This is not only for the safety of you, your equipment and ease of setup but also that of other Guests and Staff.

Camping – some Special Details, Info and Thoughts
We have a cozy mellow natural atmosphere here. We offer our guests / campers a great place to kickback, relax and easily access local nature and attractions. We are a dark park no unnecessary outdoor lights are permitted (awning lights, docking lights, hanging lanterns, etc) are never allowed (other than entry light, campfires)any unnecessary lighting will be asked to be turned out by quiet hours, non compliance and you will be asked to leave the park. No using fire extinguishers in fire pits! No sitting or climbing on fences.

Okefenokee Pastimes does not have a pool or cable tv. On the other hand. We do have free Internet (Wi-Fi) available at every site, some short nature walking trails and a small pond with a variety of fish for feeding, a dock sitting area for watching enjoyment of the fish and the hummingbird area, a covered pergola overlooking the pond, picnic tables and 2 state spec charcoal grills, we do have a game area with swing-set/adventure tunnel, a 2 seat swing, connect 4, horse shoes, badminton, croquet, rings, corn hole), recreation room with a book exchange, TV (satellite), DVD/VHS player, board games and a microwave . We have dedicated stargazing area (no dogs allowed at any times in the area). We have a star field for clubs and star parties. There is a fenced in dog exercise area as well for our furry guests to get some exercise. We also have a 2 run day use kennel with AC (fee's apply) so you can safely and comfortably leave your pet while you visit the Okefenokee or other attractions.

Camping Amenities
Cabins; we have 5 cabins all with electricity, ac/heat and linens, fire pit, picnic table, screened porches and parking @ the cabin. 2 are campers cabins and have just beds (they are in the planning stage to have bedrooms, baths and kitchens in 2019), 3 have bathrooms and kitchenettes. All cabins are located in Cabin circle and are set towards the back of the campground. $150 cleaning fee will be charged immediately if extra cleaning is needed (including having to wash dishes). Towels are to be used in the shower only! If used on anything else you will be charged $30 replacement fee.

RV sites; 16 – 50/30/20 amp electric / Water and Sewer, 3 – 30/20 amp electric / Water/Sewer, 1 - 30/20amp electric /water and a campground RV dump station. These sites are large and easy to pull-through sites. All can receive free high speed Internet (WI-FI). An additional charge for electricity may be added during extra hot or cold times or when electrical consumption is expected to be of more than normal average use. Electric heaters and electric hot water tanks can be used if at check in you notify us of their use, there will be a $3.00 surcharge per day for their use. The use of electric heaters, heat pumps or electric hot water heaters is not included in nightly rates if we find you using them you will be assessed a $15 per day surcharge for your stay, all rv's are equipped with gas heat and hot water we expect you to use it and save on the max amps you should be drawing. By doing this we can keep the rates of the sites down and continue to offer the vast array of discounts we have and make an affordable stay for all. NO WASHING OF RV"S, TRAILERS, CARS, PETS or FILLING OF LARGE PORTABLE CONTAINERS (except RV water Tanks), we are on a well and want to assure water for all at all times.
Large Tent Camping area's with shade trees, picnic tables, and a centrally located outdoor campers sink. The tent and car camping area is in a separate, farther back, more isolated natural section next to our Nature Trails and Wildlife Habitat. There is no electric provided in this area. All tent sites should receive free Internet (WI-FI).

Large group tenting site for up to 20 people with fire pit, picnic tables, by conditional permit only, call office to see if you qualify.

campfires and charcoal grilling are conditionally permitted – Staff will let you know if there is a County Burn Ban in effect during dry Times

Our complete bathhouse is well kept and very clean, nicely furnished, air-conditioned and/or heated with nice, hot showers & private dressing stalls. For our basic cabin and tenting guests or rv's without bathrooms (Cabins with Bathrooms & RV's on full hookup sites are expected to use their own bath facilities, if there is an issue please ask and we will be happy to accommodate you if it does not cause other guests an inconvenience or delay their needed use of the facility). We have by far the nicest, cleanest, well kept bathrooms available to campers found in the whole area.

No hanging of laundry in the campground, clotheslines/clothes visible to the public are not allowed. 
We have a laundromat onsite (Open during Office hours only).

Business Information:

Check-out is 11 am.

No washing of any Vehicles, trailers, cars, dogs etc in the campground.

Quiet Hours 10pm - 7am, we require that all outside lights be turned off during these hours.

More price details & info

RV Full Hook-Ups or Electric + Water – all pull-through site rates are for 2 adults, 2 children (0-17) per RV, with the RV plus 1 tow vehicle parked per site. 

Rate is set on booking page (based on # of guests and pets)

An extra vehicle parked on site (more than the 2) is $5 each

Absolutely NO trimming or wood gathering from trees or you could be charged for the damages! You will be charged $500 per tree or bush if you are caught damaging any bushes, trees, plants, etc..

NO FISHING in the pond. No jumping off the dock. No standing or sitting on railing or standing on the bench seat!

Parents are responsible for their children (children under 15) and pets at ALL TIMES. No eating in beds in the cabins. No sleeping on top of comforters or pillow shams and you are responsible to clean up after your pet.

Weekly discount rate is not combinable with any park discounts.

Remember campfires and charcoal grilling are conditionally permitted and may not be allowed during dry periods

Tent & Primitive site rates are for 2 adults,  in a tent or small vehicle with no hook-ups on site. Rates includes use of the bathhouse.

Rate is set on booking page – each extra person/child is $10 a night

No glass in the campground (you can have on your site but no walking around with it, Insurance requirement).

Visitors to registered camping guests must register at the office and are free for up to 4 hours and must leave before quiet time, showers are for guests only should a visitor require use of the shower facilities a $5 charge will apply. If visitors stay beyond quiet time or over night a extra person charge will be applied. You need to let us know all the details ahead of time (or at check in). Please communicate with us about any expected visitors, additional guests, pets and vehicles. We expect you to take responsibility, so that there are no problems and we do reserve the right to refuse entry or to ask any one to leave at any time.

Pet Policy
Pets cannot be left outside or staked on a leash unsupervised at any time. A dog must be attended on leash or fenced in at all times when outside and of course always picked up after. If we have to pick up after your dog a $100 fee will be charged to your card. Excessive out of control barking or vicious dog's will not be tolerated.

Any damages caused by your pet to our property will be immediately charged to the credit card on file.

One dog per cabin is allowed (NO PETS in CABIN C, Cabin 1 and pets can not be left in Cabins without being crated) - pet fee is $25 per night, at the end of multiple night stays if no damage or excessive cleaning is needed fee will be refunded up to 50% of the charge. Call to discuss is you have more than one dog.

Be mindful of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge's policy of – no pets are allowed on the water in a boat at all and they must be on a leash in the areas where they are permitted. Okefenokee NWR "Law Enforcement" is very serious about this, we know. We have seen it go down too often.

Group Camping - Rv's, tents & cabins

Groups can be a pleasure to host or occasionally they can be a nightmare ordeal. We cannot afford to tolerate chaotic, clueless, unorganized, undisciplined, groups so be fair warned. Any group must have one individual in charge, that individual must be present at check in and must be able to oversee their group and control them at all times, this is the only individual we expect to have to deal with. All groups must have 3 verifiable references to book, only then will we consider booking a group. When a group is allowed in the campground they must be mindful that unless they have booked the entire campground there are other guests present and must be respectful of all common area use, be courteous to others and keep in mind that you have only rented the sites you are on, use of other sites, impeding travel areas, loud partying, light disruption and unruly inconsiderate behavior or entitlement issues will not be tolerated. Should these occur you will be given 1 warning and with any other subsequent infringements the part of the group responsible or the entire group will be asked to leave the campground. We do not expect to have to babysit anyone and we will not, we are providing a nice relaxed atmosphere for all to enjoy, if you require use of other areas of the campground just ask and if it does not affect others stays we will be glad to accommodate you.

We offer a wonderful place for groups to camp and stage excursions into the Swamp or the St Mary's River, Cumberland Seashore and Jacksonville and surrounding areas.
Group requirements

#1. Have 3 verifiable refences and with a organized leader in charge.

#2 We deal with one person in charge and prearranged to take care of the money exchange or any other issues that may arise.

#3 It's all done by advance reservation and not via our online registration system and will require 50% deposit fee.

#4 Groups may not qualify for any daily discount programs IE; Good Sam, Passport America, Escapees (this will be addressed based on size of group, time of year, etc.)

Phone or e-mail with complete details of your circumstance for a price quote if you can qualify as above listed.

Campfires & Charcoal Grilling and other pertinent Info

(At times fires are not permitted period and are subject to changes with conditional factors and dangers).

Having a Fire/charcoal grill – Please be aware that you are accepting the responsibility and liability for any and all damages caused by fire use here. All persons wishing to have a fire must be equipped to deal with starting and maintaining a camp fire. No using water or fire extinguisher in fire pit.$50 fine for burning anything except wood & paper.

Our only wish is for all of our guests to relax and enjoy themselves here on Our Property. With an understanding, that like everything else in life there are limitations, especially when actions threaten lives and property as well as others enjoyment of their surroundings. Breaking of any rules may lead to you being asked to leave and forfeiting the rest of your stay.Thank you sincerely for your cooperation. – The owners of Okefenokee Pastimes.